Our Mission

U.S.Arthroplasty's mission is to provide an implant delivery model that provides contemporary products for patient care, as well as predictable outcomes. Additionally, US Arthroplasty's pricing structure can act as an anchor for implant cost reduction, which is inevitable in a rapidly changing industry that is overdue for economic reform.

U.S.Arthroplasty recognizes factors such as decreased Medicare reimbursement, an aging population, and implant cost as major contributors to the many reasons why hospitals and surgery centers must look for a more intelligent implant delivery model, as well as investigate value based options to reduce the cost of doing business while at the same time maintaining quality of care.

Our mission is to create strategic partnerships with healthcare institutions in an effort to control the rising cost of orthopedics and spinal implants. We do this by offering the highest quality, FDA cleared, Orthopedics and Spine products in an alternative delivery system designed to save your institution possibly millions of dollars in many cases.

For U.S.Arthroplasty, the future is now, and we have the products portfolio and the model to start the savings today.