• Porous and Cemented CoCr Femoral Component
  • Cemented CoCr Tibia Base plate
  • Highly congruent and Traditional Insert 10-17mm
  • Tri Peg Polyethylene Patella domes
  • Well documented and clinically proven design
  • Instrumentation designed for standard and minimally invasive procedures



  • Porous "Zweymuller" type rectangular geometry stem
  • Porous Titanium acetabular cups
  • Highly cross-linked polyethylene liners with heads up to 46mm
  • Standard and increased offset neck options
  • Proximally plasma sprayed and distally grit-blasted to offer additional proximal press-fit fixation
  • Tapered, rectangular cross-section provides proximal fixation and rotational stability
  • Instrumentation designed for a variety of standard or minimally invasive approaches



  • Variety of PEEK implants for a range of surgical approaches
  • Poly axial pedicle and reduction screws designed to accommodate both standard and MIS approaches.
  • Cervical Plates and Screws
  • Comprehensive portfolio of additional spinal implants and biologics available